Awkward Silence at Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, 2012

Josie oscillates between making objects and facilitating projects that enable art to be made and experienced through diverse perspectives. Josie’s sculptural practice is informed by the built environment, technology and the social systems that manipulate human exchange. Speculative research based on interactions between people, technology and environment underscore the commonplace references in her work.

As a facilitator, Josie generates projects that aim to extend artistic frameworks for contemporary art practice. She is the co-founder and co-director of the Belmore Institute for Try-hard Ceramicists and Handicrafters, a residency program that supports both artists and people from non-arts fields to develop new cultural and/or material applications to ceramics.

Josie believes that diversity and universal access to the arts underpins innovation and broadens perceptions and possibilities for artistic forms. This sensibility and skill-set has led Josie to be employed by arts organisations such as Accessible Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Biennale of Sydney to broker and develop creative opportunities for communities and artists.

Selected Exhibitions

2015         Biggie Smalls, Casual Powerhouse, Sydney

Che Cosa, Wollongong Art Gallery, Wollongong

Notes Towards a Future Feminist Archive, Cross Art Books, Sydney

2014        Glazed and Confused, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Sydney

2013         Spin, Marrickville Garage, Marrickville*

2012         Hold your EFTOS machine to the sky, First Draft Gallery, Sydney*

Awkward Silence, Seventh Gallery Melbourne

2011         Green Bans Art Walk, Walks Season at Performance Space, Sydney

2010        Texting Pigeons, MOP projects, Sydney*

2009        Correspondence, Liquid Architecture 10, Performance Space, Sydney

Embroidery takes too long to do, Mori Gallery, Sydney*

Hidden, Rookwood Sculpture Walk, Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney

2008        Awkward Silence (with Anne Kay), Institute of Modern Art, Newtown (I.C.A.N), Sydney

Anaesthesia for the Uninterested, First Draft, Sydney*

2007         Loose Ends, Loose, Sydney

2006        Like Talking to a Brick Wall, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra*

It’s a New Day, Artspace, Sydney

2005        Pawn, Blackbox, Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney

* solo exhibitions

Selected reviews and occasional writings*

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Throwing Pots to See What Sticks by Rebecca Gallo, Raven, published 20 January

Biggies Smalls by Stella Rosa McDonald, The Art Life 2.0, published 24 May

2014    Tuesday’s Child by Josie Cavallaro & Amanda Tink, ON: Audio Journal for Experimental Art and  Culture, issue # 1, published 1 September *

2013     Finding a Place in the Art World by Lucas Ihlein, Real Time issue # 118 Dec-Jan Pg.6

2012     Hold Your EFTPOS Machine to the Sky by Sharne Wolff, The Art Life, published 12 Oct

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2008     Art Conversations: failure to communicate by Josie Cavallaro and Anne Kay, Runway issue 11. 1 0-13

2007     Woolloomooloo and the Expanded Neighbourhood of Process-driven Art Practice by Catriona Moore  & Jo Holder, ARTSPACE PROJECTS 2006, Artspace Visual Arts Centre Ltd, p. 132-150

*artist writings

Selected Projects

 2011 – current     Co-director, Belmore ITCH – Institute for Try-hard Ceramicists and Handicrafters

2014                     Presenter, Contemporary Outsider Art: The Global Context, University of Melbourne

2013                     Convener, Supported Studios: Possibility and Potential, Museum of Contemporary Art      Australia

2008-12            For Accessible Arts, established and project managed partnership with the Bundanon Trust      to host a series of residency opportunities for NSW artists with disability

2006-2011         For Accessible Arts, facilitated and project managed AART.BOXX, a series of national survey    exhibitions of recent works by artists with disability. Exhibition partners included, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney Opera House, SCA Gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

Related employment

2014 –               Coordinator, Community Initiatives, Marrickville Council/Inner West Council

2014                  Arts and Cultural Development, Marrickville Council

2006 – 2014     Arts Development, Accessible Arts

2010                  Audio Describer, Biennale of Sydney

2003 – 2011      Artist Educator, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia


2014-16             Committee Member, Supported Studio Network

2014 –                 Committee Member, Roomies Arts Inc