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Soyoun Kim: June – Sept 2015

Born in South Korea, I work and live in Sydney as a photo media artist encompassing video and printmaking works since 2005. Identity is the main theme in my works. I have explored this broad sense of meaning by experimenting with role play, body language, portraiture and landscape.

While organising a stack of image files on my computer, a whole lot of forgotten memories came back to light. I found myself nostalgic for film photography and the printed photo. At one time in my practice, I took photos of myself, family, friends and passer-bys to record specific moments. I also took photos of sceneries to capture the feeling of immersion in the environment. They are my proofs of existence.

These images triggered memories, some vague, some vivid that led me to question my own recollections. I now try and trace back my feelings evoked in each shot. I ask myself ‘Is this what I really saw?  These captured moments as seen in the past now unseen in the present. At Belmore ITCH, I plan to experiment with the ceramic processes that transfer, melt, burn and obscure the printed photograph.