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Playback is the outcome of a participatory project with the ceramics community from the Sydney Institute of TAFE (SIT), Gymea Campus. Using audio description, I scripted a rendition of a found ceramic object. Audio description is an aural methodology commonly used to enable people who are blind or have low vision to access visual media. Participants were invited to listen to a recording of my narration, then translate the description into physical form.

I have worked as an audio describer and alongside peers who are blind or have low vision to negotiate access to gallery collections, exhibitions and environments. What interests me about this process are the varied entry and exit points to describe a work of art and the differing weights of visual detail that each describer brings to an object. In Playback, the subjective inconsistencies of the reader are articulated in each edition. Approximately, twenty people with vastly different skill levels and approaches to making ceramics engaged in the project. In some cases hands struggled with material whilst others were true to form. 

This project was undertaken during a residency at SIT and exhibited in Glazed and Confused, curated by Lynda Draper for Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.

Audio Description for Playback


Collection of individual works